Pooch Pack

The Pooch Pack story has a four-legged start.

It was from the moment our boisterous mini-labradoodle (introducing Oscar) graced our home that Pooch Pack began before we even realised it. We quickly learned that we were at our happiest when spending time with our Pooch whether in the park, at the office, on the couch or anywhere we could take him. We thought that giving our pooch the best chance to keep healthy and be with us for as long as possible shouldn’t need to be a difficult task.

To us, it meant feeding our pooch the foods that made him feel as good as they tasted. So we began to take a closer look at what was out there, searching high and low, but in the end we just couldn’t find anything we felt good enough about. Many products were full of nasty preservatives and unnecessary ingredients or we felt there wasn’t enough transparency around what was going into food. We weren’t left with much confidence.

Then, of course, we decided to make it ourselves! We wanted to be in control of the ingredients we used, how they were used, and to know exactly where they came from. Seeing how happy the treats made our pooch we realised this was the best way we could show our love and enjoy the good times with him.

After months of testing & tasting (which Oscar certainly loved) all whilst working like dogs, Pooch Pack was born. We are super excited to share our handmade, all-natural, human grade snacks to all our Aussie pooches to make those good times just that little bit better.

Underpinned by our Brand values; Honest, Nurturing & Cheeky we wanted to make it as simple as possible for everyone to experience Pooch Pack time. Our curated offering of subscription-based snack packages & monthly pooch essentials is delivered to the home each month and it makes caring for your pooch as easy as a walk in the park.

Love, Tia, Liam & Oscar


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