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From the supply through to your front door, we aim to disrupt the current dog food industry one treat at a time to make products both you and your pooch can feel good about. So what do those fancy words mean for our food?

RSPCA Chicken

At Pooch Pack we care about where our food comes from, that’s why 100% of our chicken breast is sourced from Australian RSPCA Approved farms. These farms take pride in raising their birds in an enriched barn environment. Chickens enjoy space to move, good lighting and can perch, dustbathe and forage – which ultimately leads to better health and welfare.

HGP Free Beef

HPG stands for hormonal growth promotant. HGPs assist to increase the growth rate of the animal meaning they can be slaughtered sooner.
At Pooch Pack all of the beef used in our products is 100% HGP free. By not adding hormones the cattle can grow more naturally in a relaxed environment leading better health and welfare.

Australian All The Way

We are 100% Australian owned and operated and we want to keep it that way so you can be rest assured all of our ingredients are sourced within Australia (well expect for the coconut oil we use, we're working on that one though). We pride ourselves on partnering with responsible suppliers who also care about what they produce, so whether it's organic produce, higher welfare chicken or our hormone free beef, you can feel as good about your pooch is eating.


We care about the environment so with that in mind we made every piece of our packaging fully recyclable.

Recycling Our Packaging

Our carton, tissue paper & poop bag boxes can go straight into your home or local recycling bin.
When you have finished with the pouches, we suggest you put them in the RedCycle bins available at most supermarkets to ensure the plastic is recycled in best possible way. If there isn’t one close by they too can be placed directly into your home or local recycling bin.

Always Improving

Pooch Pack promises to continually Improve as we go.
Whether it’s reviewing our pouches to minimise plastic usage, looking at the different cardboards available, or introducing re-usable packaging, we want to make sure we look at all the ways that we can minimise our impact as we go. If you have any suggestions, questions or if there's something that you’d like us to explore, please let us know.

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